We just got greener

We are pleased to announce our Positively Greener tariff which offers 10% renewable gas in addition to 100% renewable electricity.

Taking on the Which? challenge: we don’t want you on an SVT

Back in January, we responded to Which?’s campaign challenging energy suppliers to help customers off expensive standard variable tariffs (SVTs) and onto better deals. At the time we didn’t have any members on our SVT. Not a supplier to rest on our laurels, however, we’ve set out a range of promises to make sure you…

The smart grid is the future of energy: let’s make sure we deliver

We welcome the announcement by the Government this week that they will shake up the energy industry and, in Ofgem’s words, ‘unlock a smart energy system that is fit for the future.’ They are absolutely right: the current system was built in a different time, for different types of energy generation (coal primarily) to serve…

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7 solar wearables for summer

Let’s take a look at 7 instances of manufacturers, inventors and designers who have harnessed solar power in particularly effective or unusual ways.

Time to read: 5 minutes

Renewable energy: what does it actually mean?

Phrases such as ‘renewable energy’ or ‘green energy provider’ are used a lot these days. We thought we’d take you through what we mean when we say we provide 100% renewable electricity.

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Engage with your energy supplier

Figures from the Competitions and Markets Authority paint a picture of a stagnant energy market in which 70% of consumers are disengaged with their energy supply and signed up to the most expensive ‘default’ tariffs available. Why?

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You’ve signed up – what happens next?

One of the many benefits of switching to Tonik is that we’re signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee; we promise a reliable and hassle-free transition in just twenty-one days.

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Tonik Energy: Just the tonic energy that the industry needs

Choosing our company name didn’t happen by chance or because the domain name was available. The name Tonik really summed up what we thought.  The energy industry needs a tonic, a remedy, an antidote to the questionable practices we were seeing day in, day out.

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How we make sure our customers are always getting a great deal

Making sure you get the right deal for you is really important to us here at Tonik. We’ve never believed in inflated Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs), or making switching so confusing that you’re not sure what’s the best tariff for you. So, today, in response to consumer champion Which?’s fair energy prices campaign, we’re sharing…

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