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We aim to help you halve your energy bills by 2022.

This may seem like a bold claim but we are on a mission to help you do it. Why? Because a big part of the climate change problem is that we’re using way more energy than we need to.

Whether it’s dirty or the 'renewable' kind, if it’s going out the window then it’s wasted all the same. The greenest unit of energy is the one you never use.

We’re not talking about switching off your lights - we love our home comforts too! There are much smarter things you can be doing to manage your energy bills, and that’s where we at Tonik come in.

Simply put - technology is our thing. Technology that helps you understand what you use, gives you control and genuinely saves you money. Picture what the smart phone did for the way we communicate and you’ll get where we’re heading with energy.

And if you just want a gas and electricity supplier that’s great value and takes good care of you, then we’re definitely that too.

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Our story

"We could write a story about being at work one day and having a ‘light bulb moment’, but that’s not how it happened. After years and years of seeing energy companies say one thing but do another we decided that we could offer an alternative. We’re creating a new type of energy company that is motivated to help its members to use less energy and save big. To do this, we’ve created a culture that our colleagues want to be part of and our customers feel the benefit of. We’ve had the luxury of starting from a blank canvas, and taking a customer perspective from day one. We’ve still got lots to do, and lots to show you, but this is our story so far.

Here’s to the next chapter and a future full of positive energy."

100% renewable electricity

All our electricity is from renewable sources.

3% interest on credit balances

We pay you 3% interest. That's better than most banks.

No exit fees or minimum term

We want you to stay with us because you want to. Not because you have to.

Our world


We’re based in the centre of Birmingham - a city that is full of positive energy. We aim to create a workplace that inspires people to be at their very best.

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Tonik is fun and fast-paced. We’re passionate about what we’re building which has created a brilliant culture. We value our people more than anything. With a competitive salary, a performance-related bonus, a range of shifts and a few other perks too we aim to offer a great all round package.

Regardless of the role, people we hire at Tonik need to be enthusiastic.

If this is you, take a look at the roles we’re recruiting for below. You can also apply speculatively, just send in a copy of your CV and covering letter to